Projects Update and Development of the Sports Park – September 2019

Over the summer;

  • The new Tennis Clubhouse with its surrounding groundworks has been constructed, decorated with the help of members of the Club and formally opened on 29th The funding of circa £35k came 30% from part of an SODC grant with the remainder raised by the Club.
  • The refurbishment of the Squash Club showers was completed in early September and re-roofing of 2 of the court roofs has commenced. The total cost of just over £40k will be funded largely through S106 monies, with the rest provided by the Club.
  • With the help of 5 year programmes provided by each of the clubs, the Trust has drawn up a new, draft 5 year programme, which has been presented to both Sport England and SODC as part of the 2019/20 business Plan (published elsewhere on the website). The programme is potentially extensive and is designed to cater for present need and future growth, generated by local housing, in the sports represented by the 8 clubs and, also, in the many other activities and groups that hire our facilities, all of which all contribute to the general health and wellbeing of the community . At the time of writing, we are waiting to hear back from Sport England, initially, regarding external consultancy support for this development work.

John Atkins – Chairman of Board of Trustees – September 2019


Successive generations of Trustees have, of course, been improving the Sports Park’s facilities since the story began, back in the 1970s – all of which we tend to take for granted once they are there, but each one of which has only come about through the dedicated efforts of club members and Trustees who have given their time to nurture and improve one of the most impressive independent multi-sport centres in the country.

10 years of Sports Park Projects

We have just embarked on discussions with SODC and some of the National Governing Bodies about the future of the Sports Park, against a background of local housing growth and the need for more playing capacity. This has led us to review what has been achieved in recent times – and, in the last 10 years, since the AWP was resurfaced in 2008, we have delivered about £1m of improvements, of which 20% has been funded by ourselves (Trust and clubs), 40% from SODC grants and the rest from various other grant bodies.

Current projects

Specifically, in the 2018/19 year we will have:

  • Extended and refurbished the kitchen and main bar at a cost of £36.5k, thanks to a major financial contribution from Wren and the support of Coors. This has enabled us to increase the quantity and quality of after match food for our teams and for social events in the main hall, as well as a classier coffee and cake offering during weekday daytimes.
  • Constructed an overflow car park with space for 50 cars, just over the bridge on the Jubilee Field, at a cost of £20.5k, helped by grants from SODC and the Town Council. This should take the pressure off the main car park, particularly at weekends.
  • Upgraded our football facilities with improved stadium (to Hellenic League standard) and new training lights plus new fencing, pay kiosk and mower, at a total cost of £42k, funded by the Premier League, SODC and our Football Club.
  • Carried out further improvements to the main Pavilion including automated mechanisms to the entrance doors (for heat retention and to help wheelchair and pushchair users), CCTV and personal alarm systems (for security ),

most of which would not have been possible without the considerable support of our local Councillors – Linda Atkins (OCC), Imran Lochan (SODC) and Elaine Hornsby (SODC).

John Atkins – Chairman of Board of Trustees – Feb 2019

Sports Park Projects – 2015

Since the 1970s, successive generations of Trustees have been improving the Sports Park’s facilities, so that Wallingford becomes more and more the place where everyone in South Oxfordshire (whether they are 8 or 80) wants to play their sport. Your present group of Trustees are no exception – in 2015 we have:

  • rebuilt the Norris and Gat bars into one open and attractive Rugby Clubroom that can also be let commercially for daytime use for much needed income – cost £40k, funded by the Rugby Club but with contribution from the RFU
  • surfaced and marked out the car park – cost  £32k, funded by SODC, our neighbours Fugro and Oxfordshire County Council, with contribution from the Sports Trust.
  • installed underground drainage to the Jubilee 1 rugby pitch, still to be seeded in the Spring – cost £70k, funded by Sport England with contribution from the Rugby Club
  • cleaned out (most of) the Mill Brook to relieve the risk of flooding – SODC promoted and funded

Changing Rooms Project – 2016

This year we are about to start the biggest one of them all, a £400k project (funded by SODC, Wren, Sport England and the RFU with contributions from the Sports Trust, the Hockey Club and the Rugby Club) to extend and rebuild our changing block, to provide:

  • 6 individual new changing rooms each with independent showers and toilets
  • a medical/physio room with resident professional available at discounted rates to club members
  • existing gents and extended ladies for social use plus disabled toilet and baby changing facilities off the main bar
  • Work will start during week beginning 15th February, with initial activities focussed in the yard behind the Pavilion, and continue until the end of August. All normal sporting and social operations will be continued throughout, with temporary changing rooms and showers installed in the car park alongside the Pavilion to the end of the rugby season (8 weeks), plus toilets for the full duration of the contract. The last weekend the existing men’s changing rooms can be used will be 20th/21st February. Access to the Squash Club will be through the emergency door via the back yard.

Here are some ‘before’ images of the Men’s changing rooms and toilets….

John Atkins – Chairman of Board of Trustees – January 2016

Opening of the new Changing Rooms

The new changing rooms were formally opened by the Chairman of South Oxfordshire District Council on 16th September 2016, having been first used by Bunkfest campers some 10 days earlier, and have been in active service ever since.

As those who have been using them will know, we now have 6 independent rooms each with its own toilets and showers, 2 of which are ‘extra large’ and big enough for senior rugby. Since we no longer have a dedicated ladies changing area, the Saturday allocation of who goes where and when has to be worked out very carefully by Dave Greedy – so far, without any embarrassing moments.

We also now have, separate from the changing rooms, ‘social’ ladies, gents and disabled toilets and a physio room, which has been rented out to Revolution Sports who are there for you when you need them – and offer reduced rates for treatment to any members of our clubs.

There have been, thankfully, very few teething problems, our only real issue being the need to keep under control the inevitable increased costs for cleaning. So, club members – these are your facilities Please look after them.

Here are some ‘after’ images of the new changing rooms and toilets

Please see below the video of the changing rooms opening ceremony on 16th September 2016.

John Atkins – Chairman of Board of Trustees – January 2016